The Roommate

The Roommate
by Jen Silverman
Citadel Theatre
February 1 – March 3, 2019


Cast:  Laurie Carter Rose (Robyn) and Ellen Phelps (Sharon)

Production Staff:  Beth Wolf (Director), Samantha Tink (Stage Manager), Eric Luchen (Scenic Design), Lily Walls (Costume Design), Bob Boxer (Sound Design), Marissa Geocaris (Lighting Design), Mark Holley (Props Design), Maureen Yasko (Intimacy Director)


“The play by Jen Silverman, directed by Beth Wolf, is outstanding. Wolf has taken many important lessons from the production and hopes that the audience will do the same. … In this production, the lighting, costumes and set design are flawless and capture the tone of the play. … Sit back, enjoy the show and marvel at the skill of the crew and actors who were able to put on a production such as this.”
Jara Kider, Splash Magazine, 02.12.2019

“In Citadel Theatre’s lovely production of Jen Silverman’s THE ROOMMATE, with sensitive and engaging direction from Beth Wolf, two excellent actors explore the difficulties and rewards of creating friendships as adults… It’s a treat to see two wonderful actors embody fully-developed characters … This is a production absolutely worth seeing.”
Elizabeth Ellis, Performink, 02.19.2019

“To my surprise and my delight, Citadel’s Beth Wolf brought this wonderful story to the much more intimate space they occupy with two very talented women to bring these characters to life. I loved what they did. … [a] near perfect production… on the technical side, this production is flawless! … The info as to who developed and found the music intervals/interludes is not in the program…but will say, they are sheer perfection.”
4 out of 5 stars
Al Bresloff, Around the Town, 02.07.2019

“In Citadel’s well-paced production, expertly guided by guest director Beth Wolf, secrets are divulged, tensions mount and the stakes are raised. …The small, personal moments that Silverman creates break through in this production with subtlety and a kind of gentle energy, under Ms. Wolf’s skillful direction. The story nicely plays out on Eric Luchen’s beautiful, meticulously detailed and realistic scenic design, where you can even smell the coffee brewing. …The excellent performances delivered by two of Chicago’s finest actresses cannot be overstated.”
Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review, 02.02.2019

“Compelling… Phelps and Rose keep the audience engaged through all of this. Both actresses have incredible energy and create believable characters as well as a convincing relationship…. This production was enhanced by its thoughtful and detailed tech…the almost dance-like choreography of the set changes moves the story seamlessly from one moment to the next as Sharon gracefully puts the dishes of one scene into the dishwasher, goes up the stairs and reappears moments later in her pajamas and robe to start the coffee for the next morning scene. These transitions keep the flow of the play moving and make even the scene changes and the passing of time interesting. … Director Beth Wolf’s vision helps bring out the tragedy in all of us as we try to rediscover who we are.”
Recommended (Green Light)
Karen MacBlane, Chicago On Stage, 02.20.2019

“…excellent portrayals of Ellen Phelps as Sharon and Laurie Carter Rose as Robyn… Perceptively directed by Beth Wolf.”
3 1/2 stars
Jodie Jacobs, Chicago Theater and Arts, 02.04.2019



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