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Photo credit: Tom McGrath, TCMcG Photography

Seascape with Sharks and Dancer
by Don Nigro
Promethean Theatre Ensemble
November 4 – December 10, 2011
Presented at Live Bait Theater


“Anne Korajczyk plays the role of Tracy with a full careening tilt of madness and neuroses. All of Tracy’s damage is on the surface. She is combative, angry, imperious, and ungrateful to her rescuer Ben, played with sweetness and a lovely openness by Nick Lake…Korajczyk is fearless in the role…Lake is heartbreaking in his performance. …This production is directed by Promethean Theatre Ensemble member Beth Wolf. It is an admirable feat…worth seeing for the bravura performances.”
K.D. Hopkins, Chicago Theater Beat, 11.19.2011

Director Beth Wolf coaxes mature, compelling performances from her two-person cast.”
Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader, 11.10.2011

“Nick Lake has the composure and low key demeanor while Anne Korajczyk exudes the proper mixture of vulnerability and rage to make Tracy the true bitch from hell. This is a disturbing, yet honest look at the depths and traps of love….This play will jolt you. Recommended.”
Tom Williams, Chicago Critic, 11.8.2011

Cast and Crew

Cast: Anne Korajczyk, Nick Lake

Production Staff: Priscilla Racer (Stage Manager), David Fink (Sound), Sara Gorsky (Lighting), Melissa Schlesinger (Production Manager/Technical Director), Tom Weber (Costumes)