Romeo and Juliet

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Photo credit: Tom McGrath, TCMcG Photography

Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare
Midsommer Flight
July 27 – August 18, 2013
Presented outdoors at Touhy Park and Schreiber Park


I’d be singing the praises of Midsommer Flight’s latest, an outdoor performance of Romeo and Juliet in Rogers Park’s Schreiber Park, even if I weren’t so admiring of its mission: to perform Shakespeare in under-served communities. … Director Beth Wolf moves things along with speed and agility, cutting strategically and keeping the whole thing under two hours. The simple set (four wooden boxes which become balcony, bed, and tomb) allows the words to take center stage. The actors are uniformly strong…”
Suzanne Scanlon, Chicago Reader, 07.30.2013

Making a performance of Romeo and Juliet seem fresh is a challenging task. Midsommer Flight‘s Romeo and Juliet, however, manages to do exactly that, while still using period costumes and Elizabethan English. … Overall, this clean-cut execution of possibly the most famous love story in the world wins because it gives you the play as is, straight up, just as Shakespeare intended it (or as close as we can get today!)
3 out of 4 stars
Anuja Vaidya, Chicago Theater Beat, 08.02.2013

Cast and Crew

Cast: Brian Scannell as Romeo and Ashlee Edgemon as Juliet, with David Cady, Jr., Nick Ferrin, John Ham, Brendan Hutt, Kanome’ Jones, Nyle Kenning, Molly Lyons, Mason Pain, J. Preddie Predmore, Rachael Proulx, Chris Smith, Julian Stroop, Adam Welsh, Sheila Willis

Production Staff: Dylan S. Roberts (Assistant Director), Beth Laske-Miller (Costumes), Ross Lemmon (Props), David Yondorf (Violence)