by William Shakespeare
Midsommer Flight
July 8 – August 27, 2017
Performed outdoors at Lincoln Park, Touhy Park, Schreiber Park, and Gross Park

Cast: Sam Cheeseman, Jared Dennis, Stephen Fedo, Ian Gutfeldt, Adam Habben, Amber Hugee, Ian Michael Minh, Jesse Montoya, Morayo Orija, Bianca Phipps, Adam Rice, Erick Rivera, Joe Sergio, Emily Renee Shimskey

Production Staff: Beth Wolf (Director), Jeremiah Barr (Scenic Designer), Jenna Meyers (Props Designer), Meredith Ernst (Assistant Director), Elizabeth Rentfro (Music Director/Composer/Vocal Coach), Erick Rivera (Composer), Chris Smith and Maureen Yasko (Fight Directors), Robin Waisanen (Stage Manager)

The Hamlet Original Cast Recording, featuring twelve original songs composed for the production, will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, and more.


“Midsommer Flight both keeps Hamlet simple (with a 100-minute abridged version that’s relatively kid- and dog-friendly), and dives into the complexities of mental illness, violence and the consequences of living in one’s own mind. … Since its debut production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2012, Midsommer Flight has only grown stronger. Artistic Director Beth Wolf has helmed all productions thus far, and Hamlet may be her finest work yet. Wolf keeps the pacing tight while retaining the script’s essential and iconic material, and incorporates live music, an incredibly simple but symbolic set, and just enough stage combat (fantastically designed by fight directors Chris Smith and Maureen Yasko) to keep things interesting. The costumes are modern but classic, comfortable with a touch of Old World, and the story both easy to follow and suspenseful, even for those of us who know the bloody end. …a vibrant, nuanced interpretation of a well-loved classic. Hamlet’s universal appeal makes the play one for the ages, and Midsommer Flight’s exceptional production is not to be missed.”
4 out of 4 Stars
Lauren Whalen, Chicago Theater Beat, 07.10.2017

“A must see… Beautifully directed by Company Founder and Producing Artistic Director Beth Wolf…”
Debra Davy, Splash Magazine, 07.15.2017

“This FREE production is a gift from a professional not-for-profit theater company of this caliber. … Directed by Beth Wolf, this troupe adroitly plays with traditional language adding a twist of modernity. …Midsommer Flight’s Hamlet is at once a cautionary tale that deftly manages to remain upbeat….There is no better way to spend a weekend summer evening.”
Stephen Starr, Picture this Post, 07.10.2017

HAMLET is a must do for the ideal Chicago summer. … Midsommer’s HAMLET is an hour and forty-five minutes from start to finish….Their cut is succinct and tells the full story; no character is unimportant and nothing is unclear. … The whole cast is substantial; they engage in storytelling that makes the text real and entertaining. This production also employs original, live music to shape the mood of several scenes. Composed by Elizabeth Rentfro and Erick Rivera, these moments are eerie and rich. It’s surprising to see an electric guitar adjacent to a soliloquy, but this soon becomes the rule of the world. In an outdoor space where so much is out of control, this device helps draw the audience in….Midsommer’s dismissing of airs in the open air makes this show a Chicago summer absolute.”
Critic’s Pick
Kelsey McGrath, Performink, 07.11.2017

“A heck of a good story.”
Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader, 07.12.2017


Photo credit: Tom McGrath, TCMcG Photography


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